Kid's world

Managing kids always is a challenge, from their birth to adolescence and everything in between. Many responsibilities are taken, but to have fun and enjoy this very exciting time, provide the best child care for your baby with a list of Baby care services Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Nowadays dynamic and business-oriented lifestyle does not allow spending full-time of the day with your child. Diplomatic Corporate Services offers you wide range of short term or temporary nanny service. Check Babysitters in Ljubljana, Slovenia and find the most experienced and reliable childcare.


Playing and interacting with other children, as well as some adults, provides opportunities for friendships, social interactions, conflicts and resolutions. For child is important to get used, how to hold hands and be a part of these days society. For that purpose DCS provide a comprehensive review among Ljubljana Kindergartens.


Play allows children to create and explore the world. Meet various Play grounds in Ljubljana and the kids' activities that they offer. When there is a need for a nice kids clothing or wish for any kind of toy, game etc., get what you need for your child in Ljubljana Kid's shopping.