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Slovenia is committed to the sustainability of the financial system. Ministry of finance in the Republic of Slovenia regulates financial activities and assure favorable environment for providing financial services in a wide range of areas.


Since the year 2007, Slovenia is a member of Euro area. The Slovenian banking sector consists of twenty banks, three savings banks and three branches of Member State banks. Find a suitable Slovenian of foreign bank in Ljubljana for you from a wide range of banks, operating in Slovenia, performed on DCS. Additionally take a look on Credit Cards Ljubljana that are in use in Slovenia.


The operator of the Slovenian regulated capital market is the public limited company Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana (Ljubljana Stock Exchange), part of the emerging Central and East European regional market, integrated with the Central and East European regional market as part of the Vienna Stock Exchange (VSE). Dealing with financial investments in Slovenia, there are several Brokerage and Investment houses in Ljubljana or Insurance Companies in Ljubljana, offering many forms of insurance - check it out on DCS!


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