Music and dance corner

"Without music life would be a mistake."

(Friedrich W. Nietzsche)

Music and dance are important components of Slovenian culture. A traditional sound of Slovenia you can feel in Slovenian folk music. Among the most famous traditional dance is polka, a Central European dance, still popular today is waltz.

Probably the world's most successful Slovenian music group is Avsenik Brothers. Inventor of a new musical direction with folk instruments (button accordion) and the author of the diatonic accordion is Slovenian musician Lojze Slak.
Get also familiar with a wide range of other quality Musicians in Slovenia and Slovenia music bands. Although Slovenia traditional folk sound, you will be impressed by various musical genres (pop, rock, Latino, classics etc.), that are played by Slovenian musicians.

A strong commitment of Slovenes to the music, you can also meet during a variety of Music schools in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Slovenia Music teachers. All the equipment, needed for your musical expression, you will find in Ljubljana Music shops.

Importance of dance in Slovenia you can feel among wide range of Dance schools and centers in Ljubljana. You can take a part of Slovene traditional dance or devote to standard and Latin American rhythms. Whether there is a need, you can have your Dance teacher in Slovenia. To get perfectly equipped for any kind of your "body language" of dance, get familiar with Dance shops in Ljubljana.