ŠPAN, D.O.O., car service

ŠPAN, D.O.O., car service
Tržaška 574
T: 01/365-81-10, 01/365-81-20

E: info@span.si
W: http://www.span.si/

ŠPAN, D.O.O.; Špan d.o.o. company, is a private company with a 25 year old tradition which, in accordance with the laws in its guidelines, considers an individual, wholesome and interdisciplinary w ork method. In order to add a special note to our efforts, we introduced even more modern work methods. Because of the effective commands (on-line commands) and execution of all the services there is no necessary time loss for we are aware that the time spent and quality services are very much important for a modern person.


That is why we complement our services' offer over and over again because we know that its perfection is a key to success.
- sales of tires and wheels
- vulcanizing services for all types of vehicles (passanger vehicle, cargo vehicle, motorcycle, ...)
- optical measurements and chassis settings with modern 3-D instruments
- autosalon of Merceds-Benz and Hyundai brands
- sales of second hand vehicles
- official service for Hyundai brand
- seasonal storage of winter respectively summer tyres and rims
- car wash and deep internal cleaning of vehicles
- sale and installation of exhaust systems for all types of vehicles
- fast service
- repair of rims
- seasonal storage of oldtimer vehicles and motor bikes
- technical control and registration of vehicles
- car insurance
- deregistration / registration of vehicle
- transfer of vehicle
- deregistration and removal of the used motor vehicle
- coffe shop ''Kavarna Špan''
On the basis of the completed criteria with the Chamber of Craft, we obtained quality certification no. V-001 in 2001 - VULCANIZATION QUALITY WORKSHOP.
The vision and strategy of the management has successfully run the company from its very beginnings up to our goal, which is to be among the best. But because everyone in the company is conscious of the fact that without the motivation of the entire collective we cannot reach the top, we decided upon a slogan "WITH THE VISION TO THE TOP". And for you, dear customers, this can mean "WITH US TO THE SATISFACTION".


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