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GORENJE PININFARINA, LJUBLJANA; The design of the Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection features materials, functions, and forms that are combined, either by invigorating contrast or tranquil harmony, in a unique mutually complementing interweave. Excellent design creates a whole that is distinctive and easily intelligible at first sight. Each turn, each curve affects the comprehensiveness of the impression. The exquisite collection of appliances contains nothing that would intrude the masterly rounded experience of the perfect form. Everything is in a thrilling balance.


The Gorenje Pininfarina Black is an elegant and trendy version of the classic Gorenje Pininfarina Collection in silver, which follows the trend of glossy black surfacesand the timeless interweave of different materials and colours; aluminum and glass, glossy and matte. A glance at the elegant new kitchen sculptures will make you forget about the handles, buttons, and other jutting details. You are looking at a collection of elegant appliances that can be understood immediately and used more simply that you have ever hoped to expect. Simply, using a touch screen, or with gentle sliding across the surface.


Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection is distinctive for its surfaces which combine the black anodized aluminum with black glass and the characteristic touch screen operation. The appliance interiors are also in harmony with the exterior surfaces; hence, the refrigerator features elegant shelves made of smoked tempered glass. The collection comprises a combined fridge freezer, a built-in oven, kitchen hood, and a series of various glass-ceramic cooking hobs with either induction or hi-light heaters with a unique advanced function of slider touch control, for the first time introduced by the classic Gorenje Pininfarina line. To complement the collection, Gorenje also offers decorative panels to be installed on the completely integrated dishwasher and on the microwave oven.

Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection is intended for the trend-conscious connoisseurs who knowingly value flawless aesthetics and timeless beauty.


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