State institutions

Slovenia strives to build a dialogue between different population groups. As a Member State of the EU, Slovenia is committed to respect the principles of legality and legal safety, political neutrality and professional independence, openness and respecting of human rights in all areas of work.

Diplomatic Corporate Services portal offers you a general review among all state institutions in Slovenia. Meet the responsibilities and duties of all 17 Ministries in the Republic of Slovenia, presented on DCS: the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Slovenia, The Ministry of Culture SloveniaThe Ministry of Education and Sport Slovenia, The Ministry of Finance SloveniaThe Ministry of Health SloveniaThe Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology Slovenia, Ministry of Justice Slovenia, Ministry of Public Administration Slovenia, Ministry of the Economy SloveniaThe Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning Slovenia, Ministry of the interior Slovenia, Ministry of transport Slovenia, etc.

In October 2003, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia accepted a Strategy on Cooperation with Non-governmental Organizations in Slovenia. Governmental measures are generally directed towards promoting mutual informing and networking with NGOs and desire is to integrate the widest circle of interested organizations in the decision making process. There is varitey of domestic and foreign NGOs, operating in Slovenia: Slovenia Amnesty International, Slovenia Red CrossSlovenian Association of Friends of Youth, etc.


With an aim of strengthening the international dialogue between Slovenia and the world, there are presented various International Clubs in Slovenia, located in the capital, Ljubljana.