Mestni trg 11
T: +386 1 421 04 53
F: +386 1 421 04 54
E: info@benedict.si
W: http://www.cukrcek.si/en/index.html

CUKRČEK, CHOCOLATE SHOP, LJUBLJANA; Benedict d.o.o. is a family company operating since 1993. They specialise in the production and sale of chocolate products and bonbons. We trade under the trademark Cukrček which includes a wide selection of bonbons, chocolates bars, boxes of bonbons, lollypops and other sweets for all tastes.


We create our products with innovation which reflects in divine taste of chocolate products. Our biggest pride is the taste of choccolate with salt, apple strudel, spicy taste, red pepper,... We put a lot of attention to quality of cocoa and other raw materials. This is the reason why our chocolate is made only from cocoa that originates in Latin America and is grown on plantations of Caribbean islands (Aruba, Cuba, ....). We supplement innovation and quality with creativity which is shown in the shape of products and packaging. Creativity is also evident through creation of new products which supplement the variety of already existing ones.. An ergonomic and catchy packaging on the outside closes up with the variety of our products, which are different only by looking at them. Quality materials and raw materials give appearance of an exclusive product, yet the taste takes you away to passionate feelings.


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