Tripoli falls to Libyan rebel forces

22. 08. 2011

Tripoli falls to Libyan rebel forces

After six months of civil war, Libyan rebel fighters have streamed into the centre of Tripoli after sweeping through to the capital virtually unopposed.



They reached Green Square, which lies at the heart of the city, and began celebrating the apparent defeat of Muammar Gaddafi's regime.


Although there is no word regarding the whereabouts of the Libyan leader, his two sons - Saif al Islam and Mohammed Gaddafi - have been captured. The presidential guard is also said to have surrendered.

Transitional Council leaders based in Benghazi have called on Gaddafi to step down immediately.


NATO, which has backed the rebels with a bombing campaign, has said the Gaddafi regime is evidently crumbling and urged rebels not to carry out acts of revenge on Gaddafi loyalists.


The alliance has called for a transition of power in Libya to be peaceful if Gaddafi's overthrow is confirmed.