Supplementary Budget at Final Reading

18. 11. 2014

Supplementary Budget at Final Reading

The supplementary budget for 2014, which expands the deficit by almost EUR 200m to EUR 1.2bn, will enter the last stage of adoption at the National Assembly on Tuesday. The debate is scheduled to run throughout the day with the vote due on Wednesday.


The government-sponsored proposal reduces the budget revenue planned for the year by EUR 20m to EUR 8.6bn and increases the expenditure by EUR 177m to EUR 9.8bn. As a result, the deficit is being expanded by EUR 197m to EUR 1.2bn or 3.4% of GDP.


The government says it could complete the budget year without a supplement but that the aim is to secure transparency in the budget implementation. Being that the year is almost out, no structural measures are being proposed but merely a redistribution of expenditure and savings where possible.



The opposition was critical of the document with MP Marko Pogačnik of the Democratic Party (SDS) labelling it as a "disaster" at a session of the Finance Committee on Saturday, arguing it was "unrealistic and inadequate".


The government has also announced a supplementary budget for 2015, which it plans to unveil in January.



Source: SloveniaTimes



Supplementary Budget at Final Reading