Socialist leader tries to form Greece government

11. 05. 2012


Following Sunday's election, Socialist Party head Evangelos Venizelos is holding meetings with different party leaders as he tries to form a government in Greece.




Fotis Kouvelis, who heads up Democratic Left, proposed keeping the euro as a currency, but rejecting the bailout deal when the two men met on Thursday. Venizelos was encouraged by Kouvelis all-party coalition idea: "Mr Kouvelis' proposal closely coincides with ours for the formation of a government of national unity and our proosal for a final and safe move away from the bailout agreement at the latest in three years, with greece in the euro and conditions better for Greeks and not worse." Venizelos will meet with Conservative leader Antonis Samaras on Friday, with the hope of finally forming a government. Sunday's poll showed just how angry the Greek electorate is about austerity measures due to the bailout deal agreed with the EU and IMF, but whilst being supportive, the message from German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was also firm. "Greece can rely on the solidarity of Europe, but if Greece does not help itself, there is nothing to be done," he said. Both the Socialists and Conservatives lost votes to smaller parties who reject the bailout deal and cuts, but the Greek economy is in crisis and another election may be on the cards very soon.


Source: Euronews


Socialist leader tries to form Greece government