Slovenia Tourist Arrivals up 14.3% in February

31. 03. 2015

Slovenia Tourist Arrivals up 14.3% in February

The start of the year was encouraging for Slovenian tourism, as the country recorded a 14.3% rise in foreign and domestic tourists in February over the same month in 2014.

While the number of foreign arrivals was up by 16%, domestic arrivals increased by 12.8%, shows data from the Statistics Office.


In addition the overall rise in the number of tourists, February brought a higher number of overnight stays (+12.7%).


Slovenians, who accounted for 56% of all overnight stays, generated 10% more overnights than in February last year. The number of overnight stays by foreigners rose 16%.



Broken down by municipalities, 38% of all nights were spent in municipalities with health resorts, 30% in Alpine municipalities, 12% in coastal municipalities and 7% in Ljubljana.


The key foreign markets for Slovenian tourism in terms of numbers and overnight stays in February were Italy (20%), Austria (13%), Croatia (12%) and Serbia and Hungary (both 7%).


In the first two months of the year, arrivals rose 11.6% and overnights by 9.5% over the same period last year.


Source: The Slovenia Times




Slovenia Tourist Arrivals up 14.3% in February