Slovenia Issues Fresh T-Bills

12. 03. 2014

Slovenia Issues Fresh T-Bills

Slovenia issued EUR 102m-worth of three- six- and twelve-month T-bills on Tuesday, capitalising on falling yield on sovereign debt in the aftermath of the December bank bailout.

The issues were heavily over-subscribed and the treasury ended up issuing twice the planned amount, the Finance Ministry said.


The nominal annual interest rates are significantly lower than in a similar issue a month ago.



Three-month bills were sold at 0.25%, the same as in the previous month, while the yield on the six-month bills, at 0.58%, is 17 basis points lower and the yield on 12-month bills, at 0.99%, 46 basis points lower.


The issues come just a week after the yield on Slovenia's benchmark ten-year bond dropped below 4% for the first time since the end of 2010. Yesterday it stood at 3.89%, according to data on the electronic exchange MTS.


Source: Slovenia Times

Slovenia Issues Fresh T-Bills