Rebels celebrate seizing Gaddafi’s compound

24. 08. 2011

Rebels celebrate seizing Gaddafi’s compound

Thousands of celebrating Libyans gathered in the newly named Martyrs Square in central Tripoli over night, relishing the news that Muammar Gaddafi's citadel of power had earlier been breached.


Where once pro-Gaddafi crowds had massed in support of the Libyan leader, locals danced with a sense of freedom from the dictator's 42-year-long rule.


But even as celebratory gun shots were fired into the air, elsewhere in the city there still appeared to be some evidence of resistance.




Arabic television reported loyalist forces shelling Zuara and Ajelat west of Tripoli and even firing grad missiles at the capital itself.


Gaddafi now a fugitive in his own country declared in an audio message that his withdrawal from his Tripoli compound had been tactical.


He vowed "martyrdom" or victory in his fight against the opposition.

But Libyans seem to have lost their fear as was seen when Gaddafi's old golf buggy was looted from the fallen compound along with other items as souvenirs.


Gaddafi may be hoping for a fightback but in the eyes of the rebels he is already history.


SOURCE: Euronews

Rebels celebrate seizing Gaddafis compound