Protests start ahead of G20 summit in Cannes

02. 11. 2011

Protests start ahead of G20 summit in Cannes

Politicians are facing pressure from the streets ahead of this week's G20 summit.



The city of Nice has already been the venue of one big demonstration. One local woman said: "We just want the poor of the planet to be taken into account, and for everything that happens on a global level to take human rights into account."


Protest groups say they are determined to make their voices heard. A man from Spain said: "While we're political we are non-partisan, and we're not anti-system, we're anti-capitalist. We believe that there are good politicians as there are good policies, of course there are. What is happening is that the "bad" ones are the ones who have a lot of power."


Security has been stepped up ahead of the summit, with hundreds of extra police officers on duty.


Protesters from numerous countries are descending on the French Riviera.