Pro-Gaza protests call to end Israeli action

21. 07. 2014

Pro-Gaza protests call to end Israeli action

Around three hundred people gathered in Tel Aviv to protest against Israel's military action in Gaza. They held banners, chanted slogans and called for dialogue in handling the current conflict.


Some other people showed up, voicing their support for Israel's military mission which, they say, protects the country'‘s national security.


Tel Aviv deployed large groups of police to keep order. The protest ended peacefully without clashes.



Meanwhile thousands of people in Turkey gathered in front of Israel's Consulate in Istanbul on Saturday night.


Some burned an Israeli flag and many chanted anti-Israel slogans.


Some demonstrators tried to enter the consulate building but they were dispersed by riot police.


Pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets in numerous EU cities, including London and Paris to demand an immediate end to the conflict.


In defiance of a protest ban, crowds in the French capital chanted, "Israel, assassin," until they were dispersed by tear gas.


Source: EuroNews


Photo source: Express

Pro-Gaza protests call to end Israeli action