Port of Koper Soon With New CEO?

20. 03. 2014

Port of Koper Soon With New CEO?

Shareholders of port operator Luka Koper adopted on Wednesday changes to the company's statute that would make it easier to dismiss the CEO. But the Koper municipality, a minority owner, announced it would challenge the decision in court.

The statute changes backed today lower the quorum in the supervisory board needed for the vote on appointment and dismissal of CEO and management members to a simple majority.


It is thought that the effort to simplify the dismissal of the CEO is targetted at incumbent Luka Koper boss Gašpar Gašpar Mišič, the former aide of Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek, whose appointment raised an outcry last year.



Half of the supervisors present at the vote must represent capital. Also present must be the chair or deputy chair of the supervisory board.


The changes come after a previous attempt to dismiss Gašpar Mišič was undermined in January, as supervisors representing the Koper municipality and the employees walked out of the session.


The lawsuit planned by Koper municipality (3.34% owner) will block statute changes adopted today. The port operator's biggest owner is the state, which holds a combined stake of 67.11%, much of it is managed by SOD fund, which proposed the changes adopted today.


Source: Slovenia Times


Port of Koper Soon With New CEO?