Politics is put on hold after Toulouse shootings

20. 03. 2012

Politics is put on hold after Toulouse shootings

The Toulouse shootings have brought the French presidential race to a halt.

Both Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande have suspended their campaigns.


The incumbent head of state and his wife Carla Bruni joined the Socialist contender in attending a memorial service for those who died.


They gathered with members of the Jewish community at a synagogue in Paris' Marais district.


After the ceremony, thousands of Parisians led by a Jewish groups held a silent march through the east of the city.

A minute of silence will also be held in all French schools later today.



The shootings amount to France's most deadly anti-Semitic violence since August 1982, when a grenade attack on a Jewish restaurant in the French capital killed six people.


Late on Monday, the bodies of the victims were driven to the Ozar Hatorah school where pupils, teachers and parents held a overnight vigil in their memory.


All of the dead had joint Israeli-French citizenship.


Their bodies will be flown to Israel for burial as soon as possible at the request of their families.


Source: Euronews

Politics is put on hold after Toulouse shootings