Paris Zoo ready to reopen

09. 04. 2014

Paris Zoo ready to reopen

Everything has changed at Parc Zoologique de Paris. It's nearly ready to re-open this weekend having undergone a three-year, 167 million euro makeover.

Giraffes and ostriches live together in one area, zebras and rhinos in another.


Perhaps understandably, a single lion has a pen of his own, but will soon have three lionesses to keep him company.




Zoo Director Sophie Ferreira Le Morvan said: "Now visitors are being invited to the land of animals to immerse themselves in their natural environment. So the whole work was to rebuild, to recreate the natural environment of the animals."


The new Paris Zoo will offer visitors the new concept: preserving the animals' habitat while giving a unique visitor experience.


It will also carry out scientific research to help protect threatened and endangered species.


The zoo will reopen on Saturday April 12.


Source: EuroNews


Paris Zoo ready to reopen