Pahor Welcomes Italian President Napolitano in Nova Gorica

09. 07. 2014

Pahor Welcomes Italian President Napolitano in Nova Gorica

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano was received by his Slovenian counterpart Borut Pahor in Europe Square in Nova Gorica on Monday, after which the pair visited the Sveta Gora hill to lay a wreath at a monument honouring dead Slovenian soldiers and inaugurate "a bench of peace".Speaking at a short ceremony after meeting in the square connecting the border towns of Nova Gorica in Slovenia and Gorizia in Italy, the presidents emphasised the need to preserve peace.


Pahor said that both he and Napolitano were convinced Europeans who are also convinced in the need to preserve the identity of the nations and countries both of them represent.


"We are remembering tens of millions of victims who paid for peace with their lives during WWI", Pahor said, adding that he and Napolitano were optimistic about the future relations between the two countries.



According to Pahor, both presidents see the opportunity for development in reconciliation, cooperation and co-existence between Slovenia and Italy and with other European nations.


Napolitano added that "our effort for peace means friendship above all, because peace is not only absence of war, it is based on much closer ties of friendship, cooperation and solidarity."


While the two presidents are generations apart, they have a common idea, according to Napolitano, who noted that the border between Italy and Slovenia can barely be noticed today, "one of the values which is not being sufficiently emphasised".


Napolitano is returning a visit which Pahor paid to Italy in May of this year. The visit marks the first decade of Slovenia's membership in the EU.


Last evening, the two presidents attended a concert in Italy's Redipuglia dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI.


Source: SloveniaNews

Pahor Welcomes Italian President Napolitano in Nova Gorica