North Korea weeps for its “Dear Leader”

20. 12. 2011

North Korea weeps for its “Dear Leader”

North Koreans bowed in silence and reflected in the early morning mist as they tried to come to terms with the loss of the man they called their "Dear leader".




Kim Jong-il's death from a heart attack on Saturday has shocked the nation. An 11-day mourning period is currently being observed. One mourner said: "Today as well as yesterday the Koreanpeople have been coming here to Mansu Hill in deep sorrow at the loss of the benevolent father of our nation with the infinite feeling of longing." A photo of Kim with his son and successor Kim Jong Un behind him has been published and is believed to be his last public appearance before his death. The out pouring of grief continues in the streets and at work. North Korea's media has given clear backing to Kim's third son as the next leader suggesting the succession has a chance of progressing smoothly. In the mean time Kim Jong-il's funeral is scheduled for December 28, no other heads of state are to be invited, with the regime describing it purely as an internal affair.


Source: Euronews