More Foreigners Visit Slovenia

01. 02. 2013

More Foreigners Visit Slovenia

Slovenia registered a 2.3% rise in visitor arrivals last year with the number of overnight stays up 1.2% compared with 2011, according to the Statistics Office. The rise is owing to foreign visitors.


Arrivals by tourists from Slovenia dropped by 3.5% and their overnight stays by 4.9%, while the respective figures for foreign visitors rose by 5.7% and 5.6%.


The number of arrivals at accommodation facilities in December edged down by 0.4% on the same month a year ago, but overnights increased by 1.6%.



Arrivals and overnights by domestic visitors fell by 3.9% and 1.6% respectively year-on-year in December, but the respective figures for foreign tourists rose by 2.3% and 4.7%.


Foreign visitors generated 52% of overnight stays, the most those coming from Italy (36%), followed by Austrians (12%), Croatians (10%), and those from Germany and Russia (each 6%) and Serbia (5%).

As many as 40% of all overnight stays in December were recoded at spa municipalities, 22% in Alpine regions and 14% on the coast. Ljubljana registered 11% of all overnights.


Most visitors in December stayed at hotels (72%), 8% at holiday apartments and 5% at camp sites.


Source: Sloveniatimes

More Foreigners Visit Slovenia