Janša: Patria Verdict Part of Long-Running Conspiracy

30. 04. 2014

Janša: Patria Verdict Part of Long-Running Conspiracy

Janez Janša labelled the guilty verdict in the Patria trial a part of the long-running conspiracy against him orchestrated to hobble the Democrats (SDS). "Patria is an election product, a big bang designed to eliminate a political opponent"

Janša noted how the scandal erupted in 2008, just before the general election, while the trial started just ahead of the early election in 2011 and the Higher Court verdict has now come just as the country is gearing up for another early election.


This is the third time that the Patria scandal is used to directly affect the election result, he said a day after the Higher Court upheld the guilty verdicts against him and two associates.


The verdict, which was expected, "did not just fall into the early election scenario, it is a constituent part of this scenario," he noted, arguing that failure to that was "at odds with reason and common sense".



Analysing the ruling itself, Janša labelled it as "more absurd than that written by the military court in 1988", when he was tried as a journalist. "In that evidence procedure...they at least tried to prove something."

He questioned the legal standard used - circumstantial evidence - but was quick to note that if this becomes the norm hundreds of cases involving post-war summary killings and political assassinations should be opened.


"If this becomes the norm, how many circumstantial circles can be pieced together with far less effort for crimes that are not statute-barred," he wondered.


While Janša said he would comply by the ruling, but could not respect what he described as "coercion by law". "This verdict will fall."


In a one-hour address to the press, Janša stood against a background that included the sign of the Higher Court of Ljubljana and the sign of the military court that sentenced him to prison in 1988.


"None of the courts that upheld the military court's verdicts are around any more...but the verdict was annulled nevertheless. The same will happen to yesterday's verdict."


Indeed, he noted that his arrest in 1988 "started sparks that escalated into the fire of Slovenia's independence". "This verdict will start a fire that will finally liberate Slovenians after 23 years."


Source: The Slovenia Times


Janša: Patria Verdict Part of Long-Running Conspiracy