International Science, Tesici, chnology, Engineering and Business Cooperation

01. 10. 2012

International Science, Tesici, chnology, Engineering and Business Cooperation

The Centre of Excellence for Polymer Materials and Technologies (CE PoliMaT) successfully brings together polymer knowledge, research, technology and innovation in Slovenia. It is now on the way to harnessing the power of biopolymer materials and technology by fostering international science, technology and engineering cooperation.


CE PoliMaT, established in January 2010, ensures the transformation of research excellence into products and services in high-tech niche markets, as well as supporting job creation and the transition to a low-carbon society.

In the field of polymer materials and technology, CE PoliMaT facilitates research excellence and enables interdisciplinary research by bringing together leading researchers, scientists and engineers from different disciplines such as chemistry, physics, pharmaceutics, chemical and mechanical engineering.


Bursting with Knowledge


CE PoliMaT's activities are based on the synergy and effective cooperation of leading Slovenian researchers and research groups, knowledge institutions, enterprises and other successful companies. In the last two years, the Centre has successfully integrated the previously dispersed capacity of the leading Slovenian research groups and established high quality research infrastructure in the field of polymers. Currently, the Centre employs 84 researchers from different disciplines, 50% of which are women. A critical mass of scientific knowledge and expertise, supported by high-quality research and development equipment, provide excellent conditions for technological breakthroughs for the Centre's industrial partners.


In the two years of its operation, CE PoliMaT has created 67 innovations, filed five patent applications, established one spin-off company, produced 25 prototypes and won four innovation awards. Its advanced applications are oriented toward different markets such as building materials, agriculture, pharmacy, medicine and regenerative medicine, automotive, nautical and the aircraft industry as well as optoelectronics and photovoltaics. All these markets represent a challenging opportunity to enforce the polymer industrial applications developed by CE PoliMaT.


Source: The Slovenian Times

International Science, Technology, Engineering and Business Cooperation