Green Partnership for Car Makres

13. 04. 2011

Green Partnership for Car Makres

he SiEVA partnership was established in Spodnja Idrija by representatives of Cimos, Hidria, Iskra Avtoelektrika, Iskra Mehanizmi, Kolektor Group, Mariborska livarna Maribor, Polycom and TPV.

The joint company, modelled after similar associations around the world, will be headed by the vice-president of the management board of industrial group Hidria, Milos Sturm, Hidria said in a press release.


The partnership will associate know-how, potential and infrastructure for developing new solutions in the field of advanced internal combustion engines, hybridisation and electrification of vehicles, safety, comfort and production excellence.

The partners are confident they can generate in the medium term about EUR 100m in additional sales of high-tech solutions for car industry, and create around 1,500 new jobs for engineers.

The joint solutions are intended to be integrated in environmentally-friendly vehicles of the leading European and world brands.



The partners, which jointly employ more than 16,000 people and generate more than EUR 1.5bn in turnover a year, have assessed that the partnership will require EUR 250m in investment into production technology in the coming five years.


SOURCE: The Slovenia Times