Greek debt crisis: 'No' vote 'will not lead to better agreement'

02. 07. 2015

Greek debt crisis: 'No' vote 'will not lead to better agreement'

A "No" vote in the Greek referendum on bailout terms would not provide Greece with an easy way out of its economic crisis, the head of the grouping of eurozone finance ministers has said.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem's comments came after Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told Greeks a "No" vote would lead to a "better agreement".

But Mr Dijsselbloem insisted that suggestion was "simply wrong".

Long queues of pensioners have formed outside Greek banks for a second day.


Mr Dijsselbloem, who is also the Dutch finance minister, told a parliamentary committee in the Netherlands that a rejection of the current bailout terms by Greek voters in Sunday's hastily arranged referendum would make it hard for the two sides to bridge "fundamental differences".

It would place both Greece and Europe in a "very difficult position", he said.

"The Greek government is rejecting everything with the suggestion that if you vote 'No' you will get a better or less tough, or more friendly package. That suggestion is simply wrong," he added.



Source: BBC News