Government Resumes Working Meeting on 2015 Priorities

21. 01. 2015

Government Resumes Working Meeting on 2015 Priorities

The cabinet will continue on Wednesday its working meeting on 2015 priorities at which the ministers are expected to present their concrete focus areas for this year. On the basis of these, the government is to form a joint priority list.


Steps taken so far indicate the government will continue with the consolidation of public finances and with efforts to preserve economic growth.


Other expected focal points are state assets management, the restructuring of the economy, the drawing up reforms, especially healthcare and pension reform, and some other measures in public administration


The priorities in individual fields will meanwhile be largely dictated by budget restrains. The supplementary budget for 2015 is expected to be adopted by the government next Thursday.



According to the PM's office, the ministers are also expected to broach today the issue of Swiss franc-denominated loans, as calls are coming for measures to protect the holders of such debt after the sudden appreciation of the franc.

The opposition United Left (ZL) has been the loudest proponent of measures and some expressions of sympathy could also be heard from the coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) and SocDems, but Banka Slovenije, the central bank, has said it sees not need for measures.


No comment has come so far from the Finance Ministry or the ruling Miro Cerar Party (SMC), although PM Cerar's office said that the matter is in the domain of the central bank.


Source: SloveniaTimes

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Government Resumes Working Meeting on 2015 Priorities