Glince building lot at an outstanding and commercially interesting location

12. 04. 2018

Glince building lot at an outstanding and commercially interesting location

Not far away from the urban pulse of the lively Slovenian capital, the Glince building lot is nested in a peaceful green area close to schools, kindergartens, health care, and cultural institutions of the well-developed Ljubljana suburbia. Nevertheless, the lot is situated far enough from the bustle of the city center. The location boasts excellent traffic connections to the highway and local roads.



With a joint venture, this project will provide a number of new apartment units in the rapidly developing Ljubljana suburbs.

Call for binding bids to participate in Glince joint venture project



Land development is subdivided into several consecutive development phases. First comes the development of the first unit which is, according to the municipal detailed zoning plan, zoned for the construction of multi-residential apartment buildings with a total gross area of 5,200 m2 above the terrain level and 2,800 m2 underground. With a joint venture, the partners could complete the first development phase with a total floor area of 5,332 m2 - the ideal design of the first project phase foresees approximately 50 apartments and 80 underground parking spots, which is subject to modification.


DUTB has published a public tender, collecting binding offers for the development of the said project.


In the call, the starting amount of the investment for the procurement of the equity share in the special purpose vehicle (50.01 %) is set at 1.270,000 EUR. The binding bids are to be submitted no later than 30 April 2018 at 3 PM.


Upon request, DUTB can arrange a due diligence review each working day from 13 March to 24 April 2018 until 3 PM. The review shall be conducted in a virtual data room on a 24/7 basis. During this time, potential investors can also address their questions in writing to DUTB.


All information on the project is available at DUTB's website.


Source: SloveniaTimes