Fuel Prices to Hit New Highs

29. 12. 2011

Fuel Prices to Hit New Highs

Petrol prices in Slovenia will climb to a new record high, with regular unleaded fuel going up 1.4 cents to EUR 1.342 per litre, while premium will be 1.5 cents dearer to cost EUR 1.356.


The prices of diesel and heating oil were to fall, but the government increased the relevant excise duties to keep their prices unchanged at EUR 1.277 and EUR 0.945, respectively, according to the Government Communication Office.


The increase in excise duties is expected to bring an additional EUR 1.45m in the state budget monthly.



The impact of the increase in petrol prices is estimated to push inflation in January up 0.05 percentage points.


Petrol prices in Slovenia are adjusted every two weeks in line with a pricing model combining the price of oil derivatives on global markets and the exchange rate of the US dollar.


SOURCE: The Slovenian Times

Fuel Prices to Hit New Highs