EU President set to unveil investment strategy

26. 11. 2014

EU President set to unveil investment strategy

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is set to present his investment strategy to the European Parliament on Wednesday.

It's understood the Commission is likely to shift some of its budget into special financial instruments to promote private investment.


It's been suggested every euro of EU public money could draw 10 to 15 times that amount from private investors. With a potential 21 billion on the table private investment could bring the total to around 300 billion euros, a sum Juncker had pledged to help revive growth.



The funds will be earmarked for infrastructure projects and new technology. Analysts have said private investors could be comforted that the EU would absorb the first of any losses incurred on projects.

The reported plan to rework the EU's existing budget has raised concerns among some. French economy minister Emmanuel Macron has said any investment programme based on "fake money" without at least 80 billion euros in new "real money" would be disappointing.


Juncker's strategy will be closely scrutinised by investors for indications of how much additional spending will be generated as a result of the Commission's action.


Source: Euro news




EU President set to unveil investment strategy