Crisis Affecting Travelling Habits

17. 02. 2014

Crisis Affecting Travelling Habits

The economic crisis will not affect European travelling habits much, since only 11% of Europeans do not plan to go on vacation in 2014, a Eurobarometer poll about tourism says. As many as 80% of Slovenians are going on holiday as well, even if more than a third of them say they will spend less than in previous years.


While Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Austria top the list of Europeans' favourite holiday destinations, Slovenians still prefer Croatia; 51% plan to spend their vacations there.


The share of Slovenian holiday-makers in Croatia in 2014 will still be relatively low, since last year it went as high as 70%.


In 2013, almost 30% of Slovenians spent their main vacation in the home country, while as much as 42% of all Europeans stayed home.


On the other hand, as much as 84% of Slovenians also went to other EU countries, which is considerably more than the European average of 38%.


The poll also showed over 70% of Europeans travelled overnight in 2013, which amounted to a record of 2.6bn overnight stays in tourism, according to Eurostat.


The Eurobarometer poll was carried out among 26,555 Europeans at the beginning of January.


Source: TheSloveniaTimes

Crisis Affecting Travelling Habits