Coalition Locked in Battle over Triglav Privatisation

13. 05. 2015

Coalition Locked in Battle over Triglav Privatisation

The coalition appears to be locked in battle over the status of Zavarovalnica Triglav, Slovenia's no. 1 insurer, in the forthcoming asset management strategy which will serve as a blueprint for privatisation.

Triglav had been designated as a strategic asset, but the Pensioners Party (DeSUS) revealed on Tuesday that the latest version of the strategy makes it an "important investment", a class in which the state wants to retain a controlling stake of 25% plus one share.


DeSUS will not support a strategy that does not designate Triglav as a strategic asset, deputy group leader Franc Jurša told reporters today after a coalition meeting dedicated to the strategy was postponed to Wednesday.

The main reason why DeSUS is interesting in preserving Triglav in state ownership is that the 35% stake currently held by the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute (ZPIZ) is to be transferred to a demographic fund, which will finance the ZPIZ pension shortfall.


Jurša said the last-minute change occurred after Finance Minister Dušan Mramor returned from a trip to the US. The party will demand an explanation, he said.


Source: The Slovenia Times






Coalition Locked in Battle over Triglav Privatisation