Cameron faces Commons after EU veto

12. 12. 2011

Cameron faces Commons after EU veto

While the Euro-sceptics within the Conservative Party are likely to give Cameron a warm reception, the premier faces a backlash from his Liberal Democrat allies. Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has already criticised Cameron's move to block European Treaty changes as "bad for Britain" and his party is angry.


Paddy Ashdown, former Liberal Democrat leader:


" So we will work with the government, but the Euro-sceptics ought to realise very clearly that we will not work with them, we will oppose them every step of the way, and if the government were stupid enough to give int to them, then the consequences of that would indeed be very grave."



At Friday's EU summit, Britain vetoed a plan for closer fiscal integration saying it would expose London's powerful financial services industry to unwelcome regulation.The veto angered France and Germany but failed to stop most of the 26 EU countries from going ahead, leaving Britain out in the cold.


SOURCE: Euronews