Calm returns to UK city streets

11. 08. 2011

Calm returns to UK city streets

A combination of a heavy police presence and wet weather appears to have produced a night of calm in London after four days of looting and rioting.


It was the same in other cities such as Manchester Wolverhampton and Liverpool.


Prime Minister David Cameron's so called "fight back" to restore order looked as if it was taking shape. He's recalled parliament to discuss the unprecedented unrest.




In London alone over 800 people have been arrested, law courts are working around the clock to process those detained - some of them as young as 11 and 12-years-old.

In Birmingham police have launched a murder investigation into the deaths of three Asian men hit by a car. They'd been patrolling their neighbourhood to keep it safe from looters.


Birmingham Community leader, Muzaffar Hussain:

" We're all one, we're all together in this. We don't condone these latest events that have happened, we absolutely condemn them, and we are basically gathered here tonight just to pay our respects to the deceased."


Prayers were said by hundreds gathered near the place where they'd died - there was anger but it was restrained and dignified.


SOURCE: Euronews

Calm returns to UK city streets