Britain sends military advisors to Libyan rebels

20. 04. 2011

Britain sends military advisors to Libyan rebels

As fighting in Misrata continues on a street-by-street basis, a limited response has come in the form of a promised increase in airstrikes from France. Britain is also to send military officers to Benghazi in an advisory role.

Meanwhile NATO said airstrikes had targeted Gaddafi's communications installations plus a military barracks near Tripoli.



The Libyan government accused the alliance of bombing to help the rebels in the east advance westwards.

Rebels near the town of Ajdabiya appear to have acquired some new weapons which they say is just as well as NATO support seems intermittent and infrequent.


France claims the West has seriously underestimated the Libyan leader's ability to adapt his tactics to NATO's campaign.


SOURCE: Euronews