Bovec Cheese Gets Special EU Status

22. 08. 2012

Bovec Cheese Gets Special EU Status

Bovški sir (Bovec cheese) is the fourteenth Slovenian food product registered by the EU. The European Commission has entered it in the register of protected designations of origin in the latest edition of the Official Journal of the EU.

he traditional bovški sir is made of sheep milk, with cow or goat milk added occasionally. The milk comes from a sheep breed indigenous to the Upper Soča Valley.


The cheese, also referred to as Formaggio di Plezo vero, was first mentioned on a price list in the Italian town of Udine in 1756.



A number of traditional Slovenian dishes have already received one of the three EU protected geographical status labels, while the kranjska klobasa sausage is still waiting to be granted protection.


The list of registered products includes: Nanos and Tolminc cheeses, the kraški pršut prosciutto, kraški zašink dried meat from the Karst region, extra virgin olive oil from the Istra region, forest honey from Kočevje, prleška tunka cured meat, belokranjska pogača bread, idrijski žlikrofi dumplings from Idrija, prekmurska gibanica pastry from Prekmurje, zgornjesavinski želodec and šebreljski želodec meats, and Ptujski luk, a sort of red onion grown in the area of Ptuj.


Source: The Slovenia Times


Bovec Cheese Gets Special EU Status