Bosnia Needs Peacekeeping Reinforcements

02. 12. 2011

Bosnia Needs Peacekeeping Reinforcements

The escalation of violence in Kosovo raises the concern that such escalations could also happen elsewhere, we especially fear similar problems in Bosnia," Jelusic said after a meeting of EU defence ministers.


The EU is present in Bosnia with its ALTHEA mission, which also features 15 Slovenian soldiers, and its executive mandate was recently extended until 15 November 2012.


"We are envisaging as part of the executive mandate the presence of special reserve forces, which would be based in the proximity of Bosnia, but we are not able to solve the problem of securing a full force," the minister told the press.



Slovenia has thus proposed that the EU think quickly and determinedly about using the EU battle groups for the needs of reserve forces in Bosnia, she said, adding that this would require a change of the decision-making system.EU battle groups are ready but the union is not sending them anywhere because there is no political consensus, while there is a shortage of reserve forces in Bosnia, according to Jelusic.


The minister also criticised Slovenia's presence in civil missions of the EU, as "tangible contribution from our country in this area is nowhere to be seen". It is expected that the military will do their share, while others "are waiting in safe havens", she added.


SOURCE: The Slovenia Times