Adria Shunning Strategic Partnership

11. 07. 2014

Adria Shunning Strategic Partnership

Slovenian carrier Adria Airways has indicated it could remain independent without resorting to strategic partners after the EU cleared EUR 85m in state aid it received in 2007-2011.Adria can pursue its strategy independently, CEO Mark Anžur told reporters in the town of Brnik on Thursday.


He acknowledged that the EU state aid clearance could bring forward strategic partners in the autumn, but said it was "hard to find a buyer for an airline".


Echoing Anžur's statement, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning said Adria already had a strategic partner by virtue of its membership of the Star Alliance.



"Adria can successfully operate independently," the ministry said in a statement for the STA, noting that results improved substantially in 2013 and this year.


Adria is one of 15 state-owned companies on a privatisation list confirmed by the National Assembly last year.


It has been on sale for years and several major airlines have been mentioned as potential partners, but the talks have gone nowhere.

In the meantime, the company has put in place a strategy with the aim of becoming a hybrid between full-service and budget airline, which Anžur said was working.


Source: SloveniaTimes

Picture source: Flickr

Adria Shunning Strategic Partnership