Building bridges at 19th SILA Winter Bazaar

At 19th SILA Winter Bazaar, charity joined in international dialogue a record number of visitors, 8,500!

Members of the Slovenian International Ladies Association (SILA) and wives of foreign ambassadors to Slovenia were traditionally selling specific goods from their countries and again inspired Slovenes in diversity of cultures.

At 1st of December, many visitors were buying Christmas gifts. Additionally, lots of ladies came to find their favorite spices and teas from the distant countries. There were children's eyes, admiring handmade toys and men shaking hands by the bubbles of traditional beverages. At the end of the day, more than € 88,200 of charitable funds was collected!

"...the world is big and small at the same time!"


As mentioned Aleid Douma, wife of the Dutch ambassador to Slovenia and president of SILA, "having that many visitors, we need to be sure that we can offer people proper quality and everything must be well performed. Additionally, we are very happy with Gospodarsko razstavišče and with ProEvent, who donated us half the price, to be here and they think with us about everything".


By the Bazaar's opening Barbara Miklič Türk, First Lady of the Republic of Slovenia stressed, that Bazaar is "a very well - conceived project; in all the years of its implementation, donated more than 1 million euros of charitable funds and people learn, that the world is big and small at the same time!".


Among 35 countries that were presenting their culture at the colorful stands, at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Gospodarsko razstavišče, this year 6 countries were participating at the Bazaar for the first time: Canada, Ukraine, Turkey, Kosovo, Austria and Bosnia.


Heba Adly Guirguis Sedhom, ambassador of Egypt in Slovenia, at the Egyptian stand, presented Egyptian products, many from the Faraonic era. There were goodies, spices and Egyptian coffee. Ambassador welcomes the event, saying that "SILA is a very authentic organization and also old one, almost 20 years now! They are very active and I hope on their great success in the future and also more participation from all embassies".




At the Russian stand, Maria Pateeva was presenting the spirit of Russia: "Special products of this year are made by children and their parents; the season's greetings and Russian babushkas. Each year we are trying to introduce Russian crafts".


An important role of Bazaar has its sponsors, helping to enable charity event. "Gorgeous Bazaar, we are pleased to be able to participate at the Bazaar as sponsors with a donation. We support this socially useful work, to reimburse to the community something back and that help will reach those who need it", said Zoran Đukić, CEO of Stoja Trade Real Estate Agency .







SILA Cookbook, flavours of India...

Great success of the Bazaar was also new SILA Cookbook: SILA, flavours of India. The initiative for this charitable book arose from a wish, initiated by the buyers at the 18th SILA Bazaar in November 2011. Approximately half of the recepies contributed Veena Jerome, wife of the Indian ambassador to Slovenia: "Our cookbook is our contribution to Slovenia, because it is translated into Slovenian as well and as I keep telling people, we come to build bridges and this is a very solid bridge, between India and Slovenia".

Book editor, Doroteja Omahen, mentioned, that at the Bazaar sold about 170 books, adding that "people showed really a great interest for both SILA Cookbooks; SILA, flavours of India - this year Cookbook and also for previous Cookbook: SILA, flavorus of the world".

Written by Tina Drolc
Photography by Lukowski, Gea TV


Building bridges at 19th SILA Winter Bazaar
Building bridges at 19th SILA Winter Bazaar
Building bridges at 19th SILA Winter Bazaar
Building bridges at 19th SILA Winter Bazaar