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Concert by Russian choir Tureckij
Diplomatic regatta 2017
Diplomatic regatta 2016
Among the 100 sailboats of 11th Diplomatic regatta, towards the sun were sailing also representatives of Stoja Real Estate.The organizer of the event, Jadralni klub Veter.
Lions Club Ljubljana Iliria 
Charity »Midsummer night 2013«
Thursday, 20th June 2013 at 8:30 pm
Building bridges at 19th SILA Winter Bazaar
Presentation of Budva: National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro and the local tourism organisation of Budva represented Budva in Ljubljana.
1st of December, from 10 AM to 3 PM at Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre
53rd LJUBLJANA JAZZ FESTIVAL is taking place in Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana. There will be a big variety of artists between 20 June and 30 June.
Diplomatic corporate services (DCS) encompass any service that involves one country talking to another. In Ljubljana, which is the capital of Slovenia and is a part of the European Union, diplomatic corporate services are carried out by European External Action Service. Additionally several private companies have sprung up to deal with diplomatic matters, particularly when it comes to international business. Private companies also exist to help diplomats in Ljubljana
If you frequently visit Slovenia, or your are relocating for business, it is important to find comfortable and accommodating Slovenia flats for to rent that offer beautiful scenery at affordable prices
While the real estate market in Slovenia has proven to be everything but recession-proof, the construction sector remains worried it will take time for full-recover.
After Slovenia joined the European union in 2004 and showed substantial economic growth in the following years, at the same time it's capital, Ljubljana, became an important European business capital. Consequently a growing number of foreign diplomats have been searching to rent an apartment in Slovenia while on assignment. Ljubljana as a capital also faced increasing demand both from buyers and renters. The global financial crisis of 2007-2010 naturally affected this development but only to a limited degree. A vast majority of foreign visitors who do business in Slovenia live in Ljubljana, some other important centers are Maribor, Celje and Koper. In general, rents for residential and business premises are highest in Ljubljana and the coastal region.
The republic of Slovenia is situated in the South East part of Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula, being neighbored by Hungary, Austria and Croatia, but also by Italy and the Adriatic Sea. The state appeared in 1991 declaring its independence from Yugoslavia in May 1992. Since then the authorities in this country tried to attract as many tourists as possible. Some of them liked it so much that they decided to buy property in Slovenia. However, for the majority of tourists this country still represents a mystery.
Have you ever considered renting or even buying a flat or a house in a small, beautiful country? Slovenia is such a small and beautiful country. But where in Slovenia you should buy or rent your nice flat? Where would be the best place to start looking for property in Slovenia?
Diplomatic and Corporate Services (DCS) in Slovenia is quickly rising in the industry as a respected international agency. Accommodating the relocation and real estate needs of corporate and international clients, they have established a reputation for professionalism and efficiency over the last few years. The Economist has said that “they put clients first.” The specialty of this company is assisting diplomats and foreign companies to find accommodations, specializing in the Ljubljana area.
Slovenia, tiny European country offers temporary residence to many foreign businessmen and diplomats on assignment. Ljubljana is an exceptional place to visit. It offers reach historical background, tradition, style, synergy of arts and culture, and an amazing atmosphere that could be identified as a mixture of Central European and Mediterranean.
One of the biggest acquisitions for Ljubljana will definitely be the brand new football stadium in Stozice, which will also offer wide variety of business premises.
It is common practice for homeowners in Slovenia to take caution money from the tenant before he is permitted to occupy the house.
Ljubljana has long been recognized as the business center of Slovenia. It has built up a great reputation among foreign and local business people. This of course, is a major reason why office space, both for sale and on a rental basis is in such demand right now.
Finding a suitable house or apartment to rent on a mid and long-term basis in Slovenia was not easy especially in the early 90’s. Long-term rental options, particularly outside the main tourist centers, were rare.
Stoja Real Estate, was as a sponsoring partner present on Diplomatic regatta 2011.
If you frequently visit Slovenia, or your are relocating for business, it is important to find comfortable and accommodating Slovenia flats for to rent that offer beautiful scenery at affordable prices.
Real estate is a growing business despite the current economic condition. If you are among those who are very much interested to rent a property in Ljubljana, then there is no room for disappointment because Ljubljana only offers the best houses that can be turned into homes.
DCS (Diplomatic Corporate Services) assists diplomats in Slovenia. Other corporate services Ljubljana has to offer do not meet the same rigors that DCS does. Their website is designed as a one-stop location to offer diplomats all information needed during their stay in Ljubljana. From business and finance to food, health and homes, DCS offers a whole selection of recommendations to expatriates as they familiarize themselves with the city and their new surroundings.
Invest in property Slovenia if you want to ensure yourself a solid long term investment. Since Slovenia is becoming touristic more and more popular of the new EU countries, there is a lot of potential in investing into real estate in this small, but beautiful country. The market is well priced in terms of its future growth prospect.
This year again (17. 9. 2010) the traditional "Diplomatic Regatta" at its eighth edition took place in the Marina Izola.
200 Years of U.S. - Russian Relations: Public Luncheon