Trg Osvobodilne Fronte 5
T: +386 1 234 46 50
F: + 386 1 234 46 51
E: info@sixt.si
W: http://www.e-sixt.si/

SIXT, LJUBLJANA; In the world of renting vehicles and managing with rolling stocks is term Sixt well-known mark. It represents one of the leading tenderer in the rent-a-car service, with approximate 3.500 offices in more than 80 countries all around the world. Slovenia is just one of these countries. Although Slovenian Sixt is one of the youngest members of this world extended rent-a-car branch, it doesn't lag behind the high criteria of business, which are implicated from maternal (German) enterprise.


In Sixt Slovenia we tackled these challenges with fresh energy and high degree of audacity. Already at the beginning of starting our business, we conquered more than 10 percent of the market, we doubled the number of offices and in very short time we increased our car fleet fore more than three times! We are determined, that we are going to reach leading position on the Slovenian market of rent-a-car business. That is reachable only, if we operate as enterprise in the way, which will bring satisfaction to all our partners, suppliers and cooperators, and to make them possible to perform their business even more successfully.


We perform complete service in the mobile-area with innovation and flexibility: renting of business limousines; renting of holiday, delivery and combining vehicles; complete palette of rent-a-car service; short rental term and managing with rolling stocks. We are going to enrich the offer of our service with transports of persons (transfers) and long rental term for legal persons.



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