CZECH AIRLINES; The range of the services we provide is very broad. Scheduled carriage is our main activity, but certainly not the only one. We provide charter flights to tourist centres for tour operators, and carry goods and cargo for companies. Our activities also extend to ground services - aircraft maintenance, crew training, preparation of the refreshments served on board, and duty free sales at airports as well as during the flight.

Czech Airlines, as the flagship airline carrier of the Czech Republic, provides air connections from the Czech capital, Prague, to most European capitals and to major North American destinations. Our flight schedule naturally also offers connections to the Near East and North Africa. Thanks to our more than eighty years of experience in air carriage, Czech Airlines is a sought-after service provider for other airlines.

Scheduled Air Carriage

Czech Airline's main line of business is the carriage of passengers on regularly scheduled flights. We offer connections to 104 destinations in 44 countries, enabling our clients to have fast and comfortable connections to major business and political centres.

Charter Air Carriage

We also offer charter flights to tour operators and other contractual partners, to tourist centres around the world. All year long, we fly thousands of tourists to find rest and entertainment, at advantageous prices.

Carriage of Goods and Cargo

Czech Airlines also offers air cargo carriage, having one of the most modern cargo terminals in Central Europe. High-quality technologies ensure the gentle handling of shipments, and our modern storage facility also enables the storing of goods requiring special care in handling.

Given that we focus on passenger carriage, and in order to optimise our costs and enhance our financial stability, steps were taken in 2006 directed at the potential sale of the Cargo Terminal. In early 2007, we hived off the Cargo Terminal and baggage handling into a wholly owned subsidiary, Air Cargo Terminal. Czech Airlines will, however, retain cargo carriage.

Ground Services

Aside from carrying passengers and goods, we also provide passenger and aircraft handling. Thanks to its top-level equipment and experienced staff, Czech Airlines handles approximately 60% of all of the passengers at Prague's RuzynÄ› Airport each year, i.e., not only those who are flying on its own flights, but also on the flights of other airlines.

Aircraft Maintenance

We pay extraordinary attention to technical aircraft maintenance. Having complied with the relevant conditions, Czech Airlines obtained authorisations to maintain aircraft in line with Part-145 of European Regulations and FAR-145 of American Aviation Regulations. Aside from maintaining our own fleet, we provide regular certified service to a number of major international airlines.

Air Crew Training

Czech Airlines profits from its years of experience in air crew training. At its training centre at the RuzynÄ›-South Airport, we organise specialised training for our own crews, as well as those of other airlines.


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