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ATAL NAUTIC, CELJE; Atal, d.o.o., today exclusive distributor for boats of several world manufacturers, undertook its mission in 2003. That year was the turning point, characterized by numerous success stories and the growth of the marine industry. One can say that Atal, then rising company, used the wind to good advantage and turned its business boat in the right direction - towards growth, which is still present - even in current times; times of global economic and financial crisis. When boating became one of the most important branches of prosperity, Atal was able to satisfy all enthusiasts, therefore people whose hobby is boating, and more professional boaters, who adopted boating as a lifestyle. The company management describes that Atal joined this branch by chance; the opportunity to sell products of the Canadian brand of Campion arose - Campion was at the time one of the most promising brands in Europe, the US and Canada - and the company seized it and broke into the market.


When creating the company brand, the vision of Atal was more than successful. Chronological review shows the distributions one after the other. Increasing demand on the Slovene and ex-Yugoslavia markets, shown by the analysis of the marine market, directed the company to search new boat manufacturers - the best or the most prosperous in the world. Atal started its business by selling small boats up to 10 meters; in 2004 the company expanded its range by including boats of one of the most well-known and customers' favorite European brands - Regal. After that Atal offered everything to everyone who adopted boating lifestyle. Until 2006 the company became the distributor for the American Chaparral and Cypriot Karnic. In 2007 Atal started to flirt with the popular brand of Galeon, decided to extend its range and stepped into the world of large boats. Deciding this, the company looked for the developing factory to have the opportunity to grow simultaneously. By signing long-term contract for the area of the entire ex-Yugoslavia, Atal has gradually completed its selection of boats from 4 to 25 meters; customers can now choose among more than 250 boat models.


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