Mlinska cesta 13
2250 PTUJ
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GOLF PTUJ D.O.O., PTUJ; It is not without good reason that the oldest Slovenian town became a treasury through the milleniums; the settlement along the Drava River has attracted numerous people ever since Roman times. The result is Ptuj does not lack sights that guests can enjoy whilst on a pleasant walk through the old town centre.


A most favourable impression is certainly made by the immense medieval castle, today reorganized into a museum, in which visitors can re-live the history of Ptuj.


Ptuj's historical sights can be valued when discovering the rich cultural heritage, the galleries present collections of contemporary art and the local customs are best visited during the various cultural and entertaining events that take place throughout the year. And don't forget to visit our wine cellar, you will be enraptured by its 750-year tradition of collecting the sun rays in the Haloze vineyards as well as by a sample of the oldest Slovenian wine.


Modern Ptuj offers various possibilities to spend your leisure time actively. The spa Terme Ptuj stands out with its wide range of swimming and relaxation facilities. Next to this, Ptuj also offers other sports facilities including the water sports on Ptuj lake an area that is also ideal for short hikes or horse riding. But be sure not to get too tired; exquisite local culinary specialities await you.


Ptuj Golf Course has often won the flattering title of being the best arranged golf course in Slovenia. Take care, it is known for its many traps. The players are confronted with water obstacles at most of the holes and so the best rounds are achieved with accurate shots not powerful strokes. Golfers especially remember the 14th hole where par 3 can only be achieved with a stroke onto the island. The course itself is not too demanding, although players will have to take special pains to achieve a good result when playing from the professional tees. Due to its configuration the course does not demand perfect physical fitness and is also suitable for amateur golfers, who can easily concentrate on the play as well as the rich indigenous flora and fauna. Special attention should be given to the birds whose characteristics are described on information boards located at the tees.


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