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IIC-INTERSPORT International Corporation is the brand-management and purchasing company of the INTERSPORT group. With its retail turnover of EUR 9.3 billion and more than 5'200 associated retailers in 38 countries, INTERSPORT has the worldwide leading position in the sporting goods retail market.


In 1968, 10 successful national buying organisations came together with an ultimate goal in mind; to create an international sporting goods operation that gives customers the fullest benefits, confidence in its retailers and complete product satisfaction. The congregation in Paris gave life to INTERSPORT and a new world of sport retail intelligence began.

INTERSPORT prides itself on our labels and the products we can offer across the world. By teaming up with brands like adidas, ASICS, ATOMIC or NIKE in extensive campaigns with the latest products and greatest athletes we can communicate to millions of people.

After more than 40 years, we have gone above and beyond our expectations, covering the globe from Canada to Korea and from Finland to Turkey. Community and customers are at the heart of our group. At INTERSPORT we are committed to giving our customers the best products by the best brands. We are the experts, always ready to help our customers select the shoes, apparel and equipment that best meet their individual needs. We ensure that sport is for everyone to enjoy!

Even though INTERSPORT is a multinational organisation we start and end at local level. Our individual entrepreneurs know our customers' needs, which differ from country to country. Our combined efforts at international level allow us to offer the latest and most advanced sporting goods with expert service and advice.

People and their attitudes to sport have constantly changed in the last 4 decades - and we are changing with them. In 2009, we have launched a new brand concept, expressing the essence of INTERSPORT in a simple and emotional way: Sport to the People.

We know the more our customers like doing something, the more they do it! At INTERSPORT, bringing Sport to the People is assisted greatly by the mindset we share with our customers - passion for sport.




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