Cesta 24. junija 23
1231 Ljubljana - Črnuče
T: +386 1 530 46 90
F: +386 1 530 46 93
E: info@sens.si
W: http://www.sens.si/eng/

SENS, LJUBLJANA; The story of Slovenian men's wear trade mark Sens began in 1994. As a young energetic designer I decided to exploit a niche on the market that was by the time dominated by major clothing producers. I gave much thought to choosing the name and logo of my company. The meaning of the world SENS reminds me of the sense of being and touch for aestetics (sens fr. - sense , touch, feeling).

The biggest challenge in the first few years was to find a way, how to make collections of clothes without initial capital and bank support. The first series of clothes were made on the basis of good business arrangements and trust - we were provided materials instead of being payed for our work etc. The challenge to design for men at the time, when strict classical clothes ruled the market, was more powerful than the obstacles that were hindering my career path.

SENS became recognizable through interesting products which filled the shelves of different shops. Products themselves formed our marketing strategy, because we could not afford to pay for advertisements at the time. The customers began to accept SENS for its quality and interesting design, colours and materials. That was the biggest reason for my personal satisfaction which is also the source of my energy for designing new collections and making business plans.

From 2001, a team of experts in the SENS company strives for the same goal: to become the most recognizable men's wear brand at the home market as well as to expand our brand outside national borders with our programme specialised for formal clothing. Our products can be found in shops where our programme can also be well presented. At the end of 2006 we also opened the first bigger retail sale in Ljubljana.

The full story of SENS - from a well-considered collection design to the purchase of materials and accessories, is happening at our seat in Ljubljana. We pay a lot of attention to designing products and selecting new fashionable materials, as well as buttons and other accessories. To please our customers, we bring even a small collection of unique suits or shirts to the shelves of our shops.

We select our materials on the basis of raw materials that comply with eco standards. Our suits are sewn in Europe and the partners we work with are decently payed for the high quality of their work. We stimulate fair trade and good relations among staff and act in this manner as well.


All of this has its price. But the value of our good and noble sense is higher than that.


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