Dunajska 5
1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 1 239 23 40
F: +386 1 239 23 57
E: info@rasica.si
W: http://www.rasica.si/en/

RAŠICA, LJUBLJANA; Rašica is a company with a long and wealthy tradition. From 60's and 70's on a huge diversity of knitwear was born: designs for women, young women, men, children, variety of accessories, even sportswear as well as men's suits and outfits.


As years went by Rašica has managed to enthrone as a top-notch knitwear manufacturer strictly following its mission to create knitwear collections of highest quality and crafty design with a promise of comfort. Luxurious softness of alpaca, merino, mohair and cashmere yarns are used to construct each collection through a play of matt and shiny, opaque and transparent in heavy dark and light pale colours to create most playful and adoring designs. Aiming towards its core idea of bringing knits to everyone at all circumstances Rašica has established a new limited edition line Rexclusive for fashion hungry women and men and has thus knitted its way to stardom. Knit it with us!


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