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1000 Ljubljana

GALERIJA EMPORIUM, LJUBLJANA; This mercantile building represents one of the finest complete works of art nouveau in Ljubljana. The year on the facade tells us that it was built in 1903, on the site of two smaller suburban buildings that had been severely damaged in the earthquake. Ljubljana merchant Felix Urbanc combined three lots and in July 1902 submitted an application to the city authorities for planning permission to build a three-storey retail building.


He entrusted the plans to the Graz architect Friedrich Sigmund, and in the opinion of some art historians, this was supposedly the architect's highest-quality work. The concept of the store as a single sales premises, which was linked via a monumental staircase to a walk-through sales gallery, was reminiscent of the department stores of that time in Paris, Vienna or Budapest. In his plans, Sigmund also supposedly drew from some Budapest department store.



The Urbanc Building has a ground plan in the form of an irregular pentangle. The main facade, which is just 5.5 metres wide, faces Prešeren Square, and in so doing softens the otherwise acute-angled corner between Miklošičeva and Trubarjeva streets, and forms the facade of the square; after the earthquake this evolved from a suburban crossroads into a new urban space, and in the words of architect Maks Fabiani it became "in many respects the centre of the city". The interior houses a five-cornered sales hall, which extends over two floors designed as a gallery space. The gallery is reached by a fabulously designed three-sectioned staircase, which lies on an axis with the entrance and begins with a rounded landing, which divides elegantly into two staircase wings that then wind in a narrow arc up to one and the other side of the gallery. The staircase is supported by two types of pillar,and above the arch between them stands the statue of a woman personifying crafts.

At the beginning of autumn this year, this retail building became Galerija Emporium and shine in all its grandeur.

jubljana is an European capital with an increasing number of tourists. Magistrat International followed the city's lively development by opening Galerija Emporium in the completely renovated Secession Palace, offering a wide range of renowned clothing brands in the city centre.


Galerija Emporium offers clothing, shoes and bags from Europe and America on five floors stretching over an area of 4,500 m2. It offers purses and 10,000 pairs of shoes representing 60 brands at the entrance, Secessionist area. The other floors are intended for retail corners boasting such fashion names as Alexander McQueen, Versace, Escada, Kenzo, Etro, Roberto Cavalli, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and others. Galerija Emporium also offers brands for the young generation, such as Diesel, Salsa Jeans, Desigual, Penny Black and Liu Jo. The top floor is devoted to cuisine and socializing.


Galerija Emporium opened its doors to visitors at the end of October and is currently a unique project in the European area. Until now, the store has been visited by over 200,000 buyers. The official opening of the fashion centre with Monica Bellucci as a guest will be a solemn moment with which Galerija Emporium will present itself to the world. At Magistrat International, they believe Monica Bellucci will be as successful a sponsor of Galerija Emporium as Claudia Schiffer was for Emporium eleven years ago.


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