Frankopanska ulica, Ljubljana


In Belle vie Tivoli, a luxurious apartment building situated between the city centre and the greenery of Tivoli Park, only 3 triplex penthouse apartments are still available out of 195 apartments.

Let one of them be your next dream home!


The apartment building has also a business section and three spacious premises are still available. 


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Apartment building Belle vie Tivoli

Apartment building Belle vie Tivoli is situated in the former Slovenijavino construction site in Spodnja Šiška. Being constructed by the investors Kolektor Koling and Gorenje Projekt, the building with its 195 apartments announces a revival of the real estate market in Ljubljana. Due to its high quality and reasonable prices, the building is almost sold out long before the construction will conclude in autumn 2018. "In the new apartment building, which will be available in the end of 2018, 192 apartments have been sold out of 195. In average, the price of an apartment amounts to 2,300 EUR per m2, including parking spaces (500 spaces on three floors), storage, loggias and terraces," says Zoran Đukić, the CEO of Stoja R.E., exclusive brokers of the apartment building Belle vie Tivoli. He adds that there are only three luxury triplex apartments and six business premises still available. Business premises are of different sizes with a possibility to join the neighbouring ones.


Green living

In the heart of the building there is a green common atrium with a large green surface, trees, paths and children's playground. Green roofs are partly for common use and partly privately owned roof terraces. An avenue is planned along Frankopanska ulica. The apartment building is energy efficient and received B1 energy class according to the Rules on energy performance of buildings. All areas will have underfloor heating. Each apartment will have a separate heat station for hot water, heat meters will be installed as well as installations for underfloor heating. A system of local hydrosensitive controlled ventilation, which suits low-energy standards, will be installed. The pre-installations for air conditioning will be arranged.



Quality at a reasonable price

Zoran Đukić emphasizes that almost all apartments have been sold because the real estate market is in need of high quality apartments at a competitive price. He adds that the market rejects apartments with an inflated price, which was kind of a trademark for newer projects. "At the moment, there are no comparable new apartment buildings with larger apartments and as good location - close to the city centre, yet in a walking distance of Tivoli Park. The rooftop apartments enable a view of the Ljubljana Castle and Šmarna gora Hill," adds Mr. Đukić.



Rooftop houses

Apartments of different sizes - from studio apartments to 5-room rooftop apartments with over 200 m2 of residential surface area - attracted different types of buyers. The CEO of Stoja R.E. explains that the smaller apartments attracted mostly investors and younger couples, 3- or 4-room apartments were interesting for young families and more demanding clients who wanted a luxury real estate with larger inner and outer surface areas took interest in the biggest triplex apartments. The triplex apartments are also suitable for buyers who are unable to maintain a house due to their busy schedules or for those who want to have the surface areas of a house but want to be in the city centre and close to Tivoli Park at the same time. The main advantage of such "rooftop house" is that it does not require as much maintenance as a normal house would. In the early stages of the construction, each buyer can arrange the floorplan of their apartment according to their wishes.



Opportunity for a business

It is estimated that the apartment building Belle vie Tivoli will inhabit around 500 people, making the 6 business premises in the building a great business opportunity. In this part of Šiška there are only few service activities, making each and every resident of Spodnja Šiška a potential customer. Mr. Đukić says that from experience, the most popular and sought after services in such apartment buildings are pharmacies, cosmetic shops, hair salon, cosmetic salon, dentist's office, dry-cleaning, bakery and indeed a great bar.


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