Villas rental in Ljubljana - LJ. BEŽIGRAD

Villas rental in Ljubljana - LJ. BEŽIGRAD
Dolenjska cesta 242 c
1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 41/699-372 Esad Čeman, +386 1/280-08-64
F: +386 01 280 08 61
E: esad@stoja-trade.si
W: http://www.rent-a-realestate.com/

House for rent Slovenia - LJ. BEŽIGRAD; House for rent for business purposes in Bežigrad. It is renovated and furnished in good quality and equipped with all installations, available in one month. In the house yard is possible to park 10 cars, 4 o them under the roof and one in garage.


Price: 7.000,00 EUR/month


325 sqm, house, detached, constructed 1928, renovated 2001, 667 sqm of land, for rent.


For more information and additional offer you can visit our website: www.stoja-trade.si




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