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Pirnar is the entrance, which gives rise to the admiration. Pirnar - unique homemade doors, which make your home complete.


No other entrance is decorated with such innovative designs. They attract attention both with different surface levels and with surprisingly clean and perfect smoothness. Each hook is a masterpiece for itself, which at night gives rise to new awe of admiration due to illumination.

Up to four times glazing offers the possibility of endless games of patterns and textures.




The entrance which illuminates confidence.


Exceptional, even up to 14 centimeters thick, the door leaf gives a sense of graceful protection and safety. Due to its thickness and special construction, the door wing is exceptionally rigid and firm. A combination of Schüco's thickest profiles, a masterfully perfect and precise craftsmanship, and an innovative way of joining elements, is contributed to this. Here Pirnar's entrances simply do not have competition. The door can be designed as an anti-burglary protection class RC2 (WK2).

Pirnar is a long story about innovation.

For Pirnar the first multi-level design of the door leaf was developed. The first reached a respectable thickness of 14 cm. The first used 4-layer glazing, which brought new aesthetic options. Their innovation is also 4 times the sealing of the doors, which additionally improved the isolation.

Then they went in the other direction and developed a perfectly flat, smooth and aesthetically purified entrance. First.

The first was impressed by one of the most renowned European institutes, German IFT Rosenheim, with an unbeatable heat conductivity ratio for aluminum front doors: 0.54 W / m2K.

Anyone who goes beyond completeness does not achieve excellence.

Pirnar's doors are masterful handmade work, perfect shapes and perfectly designed details. They are the result of daring design, fascinating design and imaginative design. Love to perfection is reflected in the selection of valuable materials, precision of workmanship, surface defects and elegance of lines. Every detail has its own place, its every meaning. The abundance of manual work allows what no machine can do.

Pirnar is an entrance that you can completely customize.

You can choose any dimension, any style and one of dozens of shapes within this style. Optional color and surface treatment. Handles, gestures, percussion and locks are dozens of possible combinations that will delight even the most demanding.

With a discreet LED backlight, your door can also burn in the evening, not just in the sun. Give them a touch of magic, romantic or timeless elegance.

For masters at Pirnar nothing is impossible.

Is it possible to make doors with previously unachievable thermal insulation, door leaf in several levels, or a complete entrance, where all the elements are aligned in one plane? Is it possible to do what no one else has before?

For Pirnar, the goal is achieved, however, if it needs top-notch technology or a master's hand. Each door is a unique, hand-blasted product, perfect from a bold idea to impeccable workmanship. Supported by top-level certifications and warranties. No compromises.

This is the entrance for lovers of comfort.

The comfort is that you can forget about the annoying care of the house keys. For the safety of your home, make sure you have an unmistakable touch of your fingerprint. Comfort is the warmth of your home. The best insulated aluminum entrance in the world worries that even in the sharpest winters you are comfortable with the beloved ones. Comfort is a friendly and discreet entrance illumination where we need it the most. At night, we can easily see where the threshold is, where to catch the hook, where to put the finger to unlock.

Choose your Pirnar

Find your entry between two basic lines: the ultimate Pirnar Ultimum® or thoughtful Pirnar Premium.


Seeing the entrance picture Pirnar can be exciting. But this will not make you even in a dream a real surprise. Surprise when you see these masterpieces live and wander through their planes and edges. Only live you can represent the size of the entrance.


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